Superior quality and purity makes Croda Health Care a supplier of choice in the nutritional, pharmaceutical, dermatological and animal health care markets across the globe.

With a wide range of products including excipients, solubilisers, plant and marine lipid concentrates, proteins and biopolymers, Croda’s health care portfolio is unsurpassed in excellence and designed to meet the most stringent customer demands.

Croda’s ongoing investment in GMP API technologies and R&D ensures the continual delivery of exceptional ingredients and the development of new speciality products to answer current and future health and wellness needs.

To achieve products with such superior quality and purity, Croda developed a proprietary flash chromatographic process called Super Refining™. This process physically removes impurities from pharmaceutical excipients and nutritional oils without altering their fundamental structure in any way. Super Refining is also utilised in the manufacture of our nutritional products with PureMax™ technology, a multiple purification process with superior standards in quality testing for the manufacture of highly concentrated omega 3 fatty acids.

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